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Fill & Press Without the Mess

Cold pressed juice that never touches the machine.

Smart Juicing
For a Better Life

 The best juice without the hassle, introducing JUlaVIE.

Juisir is now proudly branded JUlaVIE

Making Juicing a Healthy Habit to Keep

How does it work?

1 Put fruit and vegetables into the juicing bag
2 Insert the juicing bag and close the safety cover
3 Begin juicing with one-button and the juice will be ready after 90 seconds

JUlaVIE in the UK

JUlaVIE in the UK has been developed and launched in partnership with Froothie UK and Ireland Ltd and currently is being displayed and sold exclusively at Harrods – the number 1 exclusive department store in Europe if not the world. The product will be available on our website and in other key retailers early October. The opportunity came to launch in partnerships with Harrods when the product was presented to them and they clearly loved this innovative juicing machine which boasts 8 tons of force without cleaning, without assembly and with pure juice. Today we are delighted and humbled to partner with Harrods says Bernard Nassif – Managing director of Froothie UK, This new juicing innovation will make juicing finally an easy task and an enjoyable one, what we had till now did not make sense, as you were spending 30 minutes preparing a juice that takes few seconds to drink, for the same amount of time you can actually prepare a whole meal – no more – with JUlaVIE it´s time to start smart juicing for a better life.

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See JUlaVIE Live In Harrods With Natural Juice Junkie!!!!!

Orange, Pineapple & Ginger Juice
Pure Strawberry juice
Only Greens Juice (no fruits)

Three Color Choices


Silver & White


Juice in 90 seconds

Place the juicing bag in the machine and simply touch the button. 90 Seconds later you have fresh juice.

No Mess Just Juice

Juicing bags are designed so that no fruit or juice ever touch the machine, making clean up easier than ever before.

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